Wednesday, August 7, 2013

John Nazarian's Thoughts on Handling Celebrity Clients

I first met John Nazarian years ago at a function for Private Investigators held at the LAPD Academy.  I was just starting out as a Private Investigator and John took me under his wing and taught me the business end of this field, and we have remained good friends ever since.  There is no better businessman in this line of work.  Additionally, He is an investigator that one underestimates at their own peril.  We worked a number of cases together and I have to say, I probably had more laughs working with John then anyone else.  John is larger than life, a key component for attracting and dealing with celebrity clients.  A lot of Private Investigators boast of being 'Investigator to the stars.'  Take it from me, the title is held by John Nazarian.  

Here's John's thoughts on the risk and rewards of celebrity clients:

My thoughts on modern day Private Investigators and the work we do is something of a modern day 'carpet bagger.' The number of 'famous' or 'characters' in the game are a handful and it is that handful that gets some pretty good work.  One area of focus for some is the 'celebrity' and why that is a focus I will never fully understand.  When the rich and miserable have a need it is similar to a baby in need of a diaper change. Loud wailing and when you make things a little better the noise settles down until the next 'dirty diaper.'  For the most part they are thankless and I am happy with that thought, my thanks is in the form of Benjamin Franklins and lots of them.  

I have always said that when the asses of the rich and famous are flaming they will pay whatever is asked of them, once that fire is out, be prepared for the 'boot,' aka Lawyer or Manager to kick you to the curb...... it is just what they do.... I am positive that they enjoy that part of the routine as they feel entitled after paying you! 

And when you are a 'star chaser' you have to also be careful to visit their world and then remember that your world is most likely a lot more fun to live and enjoy.  The smiles you receive are most likely by those who love and respect you...... something MOST celebs will never experience!  So sad, and where is my wallet?

John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator/ Security Provider